UPDATE: Shark Fin Sales Bill Gains Additional Sponsors Thanks to YOU!

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Press Release

On May 1st, in contacting government legislators to vote for the passage of the federal "Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act of 2017" (HR 1456); a bill which would make it illegal to possess, buy, or sell shark fins or any product containing shark fins.

Over 170 members of the dive industry have already joined DEMA's campaign and contacted their elected representatives in Congress. By sharing how this bill could protect the shark population as well as how YOUR business and the recreational diving industry are made stronger by divers' opportunity to see these creatures in the wild, you have made a difference!

Since DEMA's campaign launched, an additional seven Representatives have signed on to sponsor the passage of the bill, bringing the current number of total cosponsors to 113. We appreciate your support in the passage of this bill and ask all members of the diving industry to join us in contacting your legislators to vote for the passage of this important piece of legislation.

You can do so easily NOW by . When you complete the campaign form, your comments will be sent directly to your representative. If you receive a reply from your Representative or Senator, please let us know! DEMA will continue to work toward supporting this bill and share updates as they become available. If you have questions about this issue, please email DEMA at publicpolicy@dema.org or contact us at 858-616-6408.

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