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The readership of X-Ray Magazine and its websites is a quality audience of active information seeking divers and travellers perceptive to new ideas and new products. They are well educated and have a high disposable income.

Our various media platforms are highly integrated and stories and news are not just shared across the channels but often interlinked.

  • Our flagship media, the award-winning magazine, is a periodical where we publish longer features, travel reports and in-depth going articles along with regular columns.
  • Meanwhile our websites report on current and daily news and act as an extensive resource and library for everything dive related.
  • In addition and in parallel, the bulk of our content and news are also broadcast via our associated social media channels, Facebook and Twitter foremost.

Global presence, global readership, global impact

Each year X-Ray Mag participates, as supporting media and exhibitor, in between 25 and 30 leading dive expos and events in Europe, USA and Austral-Asia making it the only true international publication in this industry.

While X-Ray Mag isn't (not to our knowledge anyways) the most read publication in any single country, it is widely read alongside national and local titles worldwide. This makes for an unparalleled and unprecedented large total readership. Consequently our media constitute an attractive and effective one-stop shop for reaching audiences in most regions all at once.

Media kits for download

Rates in US Dollars▼

Media kit 2016 - Rates in US Dollars

Rates in Euros▼

Media kit 2016 - Euro Rate card

Download as pdf - 12 pages

X-Ray Mag on all platforms

Underwater Journal merged with X-Ray Magazine

Not only will the combined team of seasoned dive media professionals strengthen our existing editorial profile and presence but will in particular enable us to offer a whole new range of B2B services including sponsored content creation and other dedicated solutions.

X-Ray Magazine continues to publish the periodical and provide various news services for the general public as before while UWJ will cater more for the professional requirements. Read more about it in the media kits on the left.

One Stop Shop explained

All-inclusive multi-platform advertising packages

Magazine + Website + Newsletters + Press releases + Social Media = 1 flat monthly fee. (X-Ray Mag)

Subscription plans with monthly payments

A one-stop shop for all your media needs

— It's easy and economic!

Our most attractive packages bundles magazine adverts, website adverts, newsletters, press releases services, social media outlets and other services.

This is how it works:

Similar to signing up for a combined cell phone subscription, broadband and cable-tv package you pay one all-inclusive monthly fee for all of the services.

The monthly rate depends how big a package or how many features you need. In return for being extended substantial discounts you have commit to, say, 6 or 12 months contracts.

Multiple platforms for one flat fee

These packages combine (bundle) magazine ads in X-Ray Magazine and banner adverts on our popular website, with an option to add more cool features, such as video advertising and ads in our email list shots. These attractively priced packages are shown on the right. ►

In these packages, we combine the best of what we have to offer with the highest discounts.

Easy on the cash-flow

Best of all, as payments are broken down and spread over affordable monthly installments subscription-style it is gentle on your cash-flow.

Terms & provisos

Deposit or rolling prepayment required.
Direct debit via credit card or PayPal available.

All trading is subject to our general sales terms.

Have it all. Full page adverts in prominent positions, the biggest banner ads we carry, press releases, product mentions, video and/or widgets, inclusion in our regular newsletters.

U$D 993 | €uro 835 | GBP 695

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

The highly visible 2/3 page magazine ads comes combined with a choice of large banner ads. Package include press releases, product mention and video widgets and inclusion in our regular newsletters.

U$D 745 | €uro 595 | GBP 469

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

The royal five star treatment comes with fashionable double page spreads in the magazine and billboard banner ads on the front page. Oh, and pretty much access to all the other services we provide.

U$D 1945 | €uro 1395 | GBP 1195

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

Make a bigger impact with this combination of half page magazine adverts and various large banner ads which is garnished with press releases and product descriptions.

U$D 667 | €uro 495 | GBP 395

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

This attractive and popular mid-range package bundles a third of a page magazine ads with medium size banners. Press release service included.

U$D 446 | €uro 355 | GBP 275

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

Economical without compromising visibility - you still get 1/4 page ads (far bigger than usual classifieds) and banner ads without having to break the piggy bank

U$D 299 | €uro 225 | GBP 175

Price matrix
What's included (pdf)

A la carte rates - Magazine ads

Dimensions, size templates and file formats

File format: PDF | Minimum resolution: 144dpi | Colour-space: RGB

For best results do not 'flatten' texts into graphics. Retain text on separate layers before exporting to pdf.

  • 410 x 260 mm (no bleed, as shown)
  • 430 x 280 mm (bleed)
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 2595 3633 2258
3-5 ads 2439 3415 2122
6 ads++ 2336 3270 2032
  • 203 x 260 mm (no bleed, as shown)
  • 215 x 280 mm (bleed)
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 1443 2020 1255
3-5 ads 1356 1899 1180
6 ads++ 1299 1818 1130
  • 134 x 260 mm
  • -
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 945 1323 822
3-5 ads 869 1217 756
6 ads++ 803 1125 699
  • 203 x 128 mm (horizontal)
  • 100 x 260 mm (vertical)
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 792 1109 689
3-5 ads 744 1042 648
6 ads++ 713 998 620
  • 203 x 84 mm (horizontal)
  • 134 x 128 mm (stubby)
  • 65 x 260 mm (vertical)
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 525 735 457
3-5 ads 494 691 429
6 ads++ 473 662 411
  • 203 x 62 mm (left)
  • 100 x 128 mm (center)
  • 48 x 260 mm (vertical)
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 437 612 380
3-5 ads 411 575 357
6 ads++ 393 551 342
  • 100 x 62 mm (horizontal)
  • 65 x 128 mm (vertical)
  • -
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 288 403 251
3-5 ads 271 379 236
6 ads++ 249 363 226
  • 100 x 62 mm (Horizontal)
  • 48 x 128 mm (Vertical)
  • -
Pr. insertion Euro USD GBP
1-2 ads 240 336 209
3-5 ads 226 306 196
6 ads++ 216 302 188

Download pdf with all the formats and measurements here.  ▼

Ad formats at a glace

A la carte rates - Banner ads

Dimensions, size templates and file formats

We carry the following international standard sizes of banner ads.
Click on the orange links to produce a size template. It opens as a pop-up window.

(Cost per thousand impressions)
formal name
(w x h, pixels)
Button 1
being phased out
€ 6
$ 8
Vertical Banner
being phased out
3:1 Rectangle
being phased out
Medium Rectangle
€ 21
$ 27
Super Leaderboard
€ 15
$ 19
€ 15
$ 19
Wide Skyscraper
€ 17
$ 22
Half Page Ad
on request
All of our media
Notes: Frequency capping and geo-targetting options included at no additional charge (max. 12 simultaneous versions permitted).

Media Industry Standards

Check with IAB's ad unit guidelines for additional guidance on ad dimensions and file loads sizes.


USA + General inquiries

Matthew Meier
Associate & Sales Manager

US West Coast, San Diego.   Local time is now: ⎢ +1 (858) 997-0709


Peter Symes

Copenhagen.     Local time is now: ⎢ Direct phone: (+45) 3696 5744


Catherine Lim
Representative & Assistant Editor

Singapore.     Local time is now: ⎢ Direct phone: (+65) 9726 7237

United Kingdom

Rosemary E. Lunn - 'Roz'

England, Arlesey.   Local time is now: ⎢ +44 (0)7973 117 862

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