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Upcoming dive shows & expos

19 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Birmingham, England
20 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
17 Nov 2014 - 22 Nov 2014
Sydney, Australia
14 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015

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X-Ray Mag #54

Diving Cocos Island; British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands; Seals of Farne Islands; The Lermontov Wreck off New Zealand; Japan's Yonaguni Jima; Finland's Ojamo Mine; Expedition to the Maldives; Dive Fitness Programs for Divers; Scuba Instructor Training; Tech: Self-Sufficiency vs Team Diving; Macro with Mirrorless Cameras; Peter Hughes Profile; Frozen Water: Amanda Brisbane's Sand Cast Glass; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

93 spreads (double pages)

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Theme or Travel Section

Diving Costa Rica's Cocos Island by Matthew Meier; British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands by Barb Roy and Wayne Grant

Section I

News: The coral bots are coming; Unraveling the Coelacanth; Seagrasses reduce acidity; Remote reef underwent fast recovery from bleacing event; Resilience to ocean acidification found in microscopic plants; Protect mangrove and curb CO2; Ghost crabs change camouflage from day to night; South Africa designates Prince Edward Islands marine protected area; Planned Kenyan whale shark 'enclosure' infuriates conservationists. Wreck Rap: The Lermontov Wreck by Kevin Davidson; Mystery wreck surfaces inside Stockholm; Another German WWII found off Norway; Plymouth Solstice; Diving Pioneers headline TEKCamp 2013. Training Bulletin: So you want to be a scuba instructor... just as soon as you get OW certified; New courses at DDRC; DAN Lectures. Travel News: Climate change could make for a bumpy flight; Social media booking; LAX uses dogs to help passengers de-stress; Apps for dive travellers: Flightstats Airport Zoom, All My Baggage, U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler, Tip Check Calculator Free; Maldives Expedition October 2013

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Section II

Diving Costa Rica's Cocos Island by Matthew Meier; British Columbia's Southern Gulf Islands by Barb Roy and Wayne Grant

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Section III

Equipment News: Fourth Element Halo 3D, Hollis LX Wing, White Arrow FAS-t, Scubapro 50 Limited Edition, Poseidon top; Profile: Peter Hughes; Diving with Seals of the Farne Islands by Lawson Wood; Turtle Tales: Heat could be stifling turtles' swimming abilities in Australia; Leatherback sea turtle will be extinct in 20 years; Georgia beach 'critical' for loggerheads; Loggerhead turtles threatened by gillnet fishing in Baja, Mexico; Hawksbill sea turtles are monogamous; State of California seeks more science before opening protected sea turtle habitat to swordfishing. Books and Media: Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin, Archaeology and the Sea in the Maltese Islands by Timmy Gambin and Elaine Azzopardi, Naval Frogmen: Wartime Underwater Operators by T.J. Waldron and James Gleeson, Oceans Odyssey 3: The Deep-Sea Tortugas Shipwreck, Straits of Florida—A Merchant Vessel from Spain’s 1622 Tierra Firme Fleet by Sean A. Kingsley, Sharks of the World: A Fully Illustrated Guide by David A. Ebert and Sarah Fowler, Classic Darksite Diving: Cave diving sites of Britain and Europe by Martyn Farr, Review of Innovative Methods of Marine Ecosystem Restoration edited by Thomas J. Goreau and Robert Kent Trench. Ojamo Mine by Antti Apunen

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Section IV

Tech Talk: Tales of 'Daring Do' -- And a Sobering Lesson from OZTek 2013; 'YankTek ahead' TEKDiveUSA.2014; Fitness Programs for Divers by Gretchen M. Ashton; Marine Mammals: Baleen filters differently than previously supposed; New study sheds light on pilot whale strandings, but questions still remain; Sperm whales adopt deformed dolphin; Best anti-whaling season yet for Sea Shepherd -- Lawsuits still flying; Australia takes Japan to court; Shark Tales: Where and why sharks attack; Great white sharks as scavengers; Wobbegongs of Raja Ampat; Tourists alter stingray behaviour; Sharks and manta rays win protection; One for all or all for one? Self-Sufficiency vs Team Diving by Mark Powell

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Section V

Mirrorless and Macro by Don Silcock; Photo and Video News: Aquatica AD4 Housing, 10Bar Olympus 3PL-5 Housing, Nauticam Canon EOS-M Housing, Gates Canon HF G-20 Camcorder Housing, Gates Sony F55 Housing, Amphibico Genesis FS700 Housing, Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1; Unique Dive Site: Yonaguni Jima by Farhat Jah; Amanda Brisbane Portfolio

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