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18-foot sea creature found off California coast

Article citing other sources |  
More than 15 helpers were needed to drag the 18-foot-long carcass of a giant sea creature to shore off the Southern California coast.

Scientists discover vast iron plume beneath South Atlantic

article |  
Hydrothermal vents billowing 600-mile long plume along Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Article citing other sources |  
Scuba divers have discovered a primeval underwater forest off the coast of Alabama.

Scientist rediscovers long-lost Amazonian fish

article |  
Existence of second Arapaima species established in rare monograph

Two Heads! Dicephalia in a Bull Shark Pup

dicephalia image
Article citing other sources |  
First record of dicephalia in a bull shark foetus from the Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

425 million year old fossil reveals never before seen shrimp species

Article citing other sources |  
New fossil named Pauline avibella

Many marine species still unknown

Article citing other sources |  
According to University of Florida researchers there are three times as many marine species which remain undescribed, than are known today.

Naïve fish: easy targets for spear fishers

Article citing other sources |  
Big fish that have grown up in marine reserves don’t seem to know enough to avoid fishers armed with spear guns waiting outside the reserve.

Western Indian Ocean has world’s second most diverse coral reefs

Article citing other sources |  
The Northern Mozambique Channel could be home to as many as 450 different species of coral.

Variations in white shark's diet revealed

note |  
Not all white sharks are alike – at least when it comes to the sort of food they like to eat.

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