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Upcoming dive shows & expos

19 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Birmingham, England
20 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
17 Nov 2014 - 22 Nov 2014
Sydney, Australia
14 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015

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There is life in lakes hidden under Antartica

Article citing other sources |  
Subglacial lake 800 meters beneath Antarctic ice sheet holds viable microbial ecosystems

Penguins thriving due to climate change?

article |  
Gentoo penguin numbers actually increasing

18-foot sea creature found off California coast

Article citing other sources |  
More than 15 helpers were needed to drag the 18-foot-long carcass of a giant sea creature to shore off the Southern California coast.

Scientists discover vast iron plume beneath South Atlantic

article |  
Hydrothermal vents billowing 600-mile long plume along Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

Article citing other sources |  
Scuba divers have discovered a primeval underwater forest off the coast of Alabama.

Scientist rediscovers long-lost Amazonian fish

article |  
Existence of second Arapaima species established in rare monograph

Two Heads! Dicephalia in a Bull Shark Pup

dicephalia image
Article citing other sources |  
First record of dicephalia in a bull shark foetus from the Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A.

425 million year old fossil reveals never before seen shrimp species

Article citing other sources |  
New fossil named Pauline avibella

Many marine species still unknown

Article citing other sources |  
According to University of Florida researchers there are three times as many marine species which remain undescribed, than are known today.

Naïve fish: easy targets for spear fishers

Article citing other sources |  
Big fish that have grown up in marine reserves don’t seem to know enough to avoid fishers armed with spear guns waiting outside the reserve.
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