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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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19 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Birmingham, England
20 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
17 Nov 2014 - 22 Nov 2014
Sydney, Australia
14 Mar 2015 - 15 Mar 2015

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These days, writers and photographers worldwide are discovering the advantages and benefits of Internet media and online publication in reaching out to new audiences.

These days, writers and photographers worldwide are discovering the advantages and benefits of Internet media and online publication in reaching out to new audiences.

When it comes to submitting work, X-Ray Magazine is the ideal venue for contributors on the go. We take great pride in working closely with new and upcoming contributors.

X-Ray Magazine is currently accepting new and previously published photographs and stories in English.

Main Points More details to follow below
When submitting articles you must supply;
• Texts
• Images
• Captions
• Factfiles and other illustrations where pertinent

Please download the Contributors Style Guidelines Check List and check your text against it before you submit your final materials.

Tips on writing

Structure your material into subsections
Before you write, make an outline and list of bulletpoints that you would like to cover - 5-8 main points are usually fine But do have a structure, overall idea and sense of direction and stick to it. Keep digressions in check or put them in sidebars.

End your travelogue with an assessment or recommendation. Who is this location or course best suited for? Families with kids or the adventure-seeking technical diver. We all have our standards and different yardsticks. Bear this in mind.

Imagine your audience.
When you write for a magazine you have an audience just as if you were a slideshow presenter or just talking to your neighbour. In this case you can't see them face to face and they can't ask you questions. But they are looking for the same answers and entertainment. Capture their imagination and tell the story. Sometimes it helps imagining that you are writing a letter to a certain friend. Make it relevant, make it personal.

Why, How, When, What?
Make sure that you answer all the obvious questions your audience may have. Why go there? What is so special about it? When is a good time? Who would be interested? Why should I bother? Should I bring the kids or my rebreather? What are the highlights? The obvious questions are those a slide show audience would inevitably ask you about after the show if you forgot to bring the subject up yourself during your presentation.

Writing in oral language
Written and oral language are quite different. Avoid the temptation to directly transcribe your train of thoughts.

Blending in oral language in written text can be done skilfully and with great effect - if you are an aspiring novelist with talent. Otherwise give your first draft a complete writeover and weed out oral language.

Do nots
Then I did this, then I did that. The next day..." Dairies and other chronological step-by-step accounts are not only uninspiring to read but also misses the crucial point of providing the reader with essential information in a structured and meaningful mannner. Another no-no is to go into personal references and matters and reflections that is irrelevant to the subject. The audience some of which comes from different countries do not know you.

1,5 hours under water, 15 hours above
Diving is the centerpiece of our vacation but we spend the vast majority of or the time out of the water. Include some bits on the local ambience, people and culture. It is very often the topside experiences that sets the dive destinations apart rather than the clownfish, dolphins and turtles. What is there to see and do when out of the waters? See temples, go shopping?

The "Everything's beautiful"-trap.
"The water is tempting green, the sky is blue, the sand is white, the palms are green and the people are really nice." Sure they are, but aren't most of this world's dive destinations wonderfully attractive? Avoid the standard cliches and describe what you really see.

Capture the flavour
All impressions count. Make us smell the tar of the ropes or the special coffee they serve here. Or did the flowering fields leave a lasting impression, or the sunrise over the volcano? Tap into the memory bank and tell about your lasting impressions and sentiments.

Be honest
If it sucks, it sucks so tell it. However in reality the picture is rarely entirely black or white. Quality and price are always interconnected in some way - most often you get what you pay for and this and common sense should be your yardstick. Safely should never be compromised however.

Credits and advertorials
Brand names, company-specific recommendations and other blatant appraisals that comes across as advertorial messages within the article will be mercilessly edited out. I makes a horrible read and the audience sees right through it anyway. Acknowledgements and thanking sponsors or hosts may be included in at short note at the end - at the editor's discretion. Advertorials are not acceptable in X-Ray Magazine.

Most word processors comes with a spell checker. Please use it, and check your punctuation. Get someone else to read your article over before turning it in.

Got everything?
Remember articles comes with pictures/illustrations, captions and factfiles

Submitting images

Save in the right sizes and formats. Clean and color correct the images. Make a selection.

Send digital images or high end scans (we recommend Nikon Coolscan, Imacon or drum scans) of your photographs in jpeg, tiff or png format

2500 x 1550 pixels for covers and spreads.
1550 x 1000 pixels for all other article photos.

Save the images in 144 dpi - if you wouldn't mind. It saves us time if you can.

Clean the images first
Images should be cleaned and colour corrected. Images with dust, scratches, backscatter, compression artifacts or other visible blemished will be rejected. So will images that is out of focus or incorrectly exposed. Check the histograms!

No compression
Do not compress jpgs please as it leaves compression artifacts. Save jpgs directly from the original tif or rawfile as saving and re-saving a jpgs repeatedly will cause deterioration of image quality

Copyright notices and watermarks
Please do not superimpose any copyright notices or visible watermarks on the image itself. We will add credit bylines or copyright notices along the the image according to our general design guidelines. When we publish the magazine the pdf will be copy-protected with a password against image extraction.

If in doubt , make a primary selection of 10-15 images and a secondary selection of no more than 20 additional images.

Send a meaningful selection
Browsing through CD's with hundreds of unsorted images does not only take considerable time for the editor but it should be you who select the most important images and not the graphic designer who probably doesn't has the foggiest idea which images are most significant and is for most parts already maxed out.

Remember captions
Please include meaningful captions with names, location and description for all photographs. Some photographs of people require a signed release from the subject.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Uploading via ftp
Please put all your images in one folder named with the subject matter and your name and upload that whole folder in one go

user: Photos
pass: uploads

Note that files and folders uploaded to the server will be protected against accidental deletes and overwrites. Should you therefore need to re-upload anything i.e. corrections, the new files must be given files names that differ. For example, you can just append '_new' to the name of any corrected files.

How to submit

You can submit by email, upload through ftp or you can send it through the ol' snail mail.

Send your story, photographs, ad materials and website information to the emails address below.

X-RAY Mag and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or damaged materials or loss or damages resulting from electronic transfer or communications. Personal information is held confidential and will not be released without the individual´s written permission.

Email to
Gunild Symes, Managing Editor & Art Director:

or Peter Symes, Editor-in-chief & Publisher:

Expect a confirmation of the receipt of your email within 2-3 days. We may be out of office for a short while but if you don't hear back please try again.

Ftp-access for direct transfer to our file server: See above

Snail mail adress
X-Ray Magazine
Ahornsgade 6
2200 N

Deadlines for submitting articles

As a rule of thumb the final submission deadline is two month prior to planned publication.
Deadlines for submitting articles
However concrete submission deadlines are agreed upon and set on an individual basis after having discussed a received draft or proposal

The actual deadline will to a large degree depend on what is a feasible timeline with a reasonable margin of error or buffer and where the subject matter will fit into the general planning.

Understanding 'the assembly line'
In general the content of each issue is planned many issues ahead and on a ongoing rolling basis:

The content for the next 2-3 issues are pretty set and only (mostly) current news have to be filled in.

4-6 issues out have their main content decided but content may still shift. Theme issues are often planned at least a year ahead.

What this means is that sometimes but rarely new stories can be slotted in on a short notice but mostly not. Articles will be slotted in where they fit best in relation to other material and according to season.

Three groundrules
Once we have agreed on a submission date three ground-rules apply:
1. Meet the deadlines.
2. Meet the deadlines.
3. Meet the deadlines.


What is in it for you?

We can give you exposure. If you are in it for the money, diving is probably not the right industry for you.

In X-Ray Magazine you can exhibit your work to an global audience of tens of thousands of enthusiastic divers and ocean-lovers.

X-Ray Magazine does not offer monetary remuneration for submitted articles but other forms of compensations or trades may be worked out on an ad-hoc basis.

This is not a reflection of what we consider right or a fair deal to hardworking contributors - on the contrary, we think it sucks too and it would be so much easier and pleasant to post everyone a checque in the mail - but that is how the land lies.

It is a labor of love for everybody involved and the magazine and website is brought to you free of charge, thanks to a group effort by volunteers and supporters.

The current global economic downturn has created a lot of setbacks for dive industry and regrettably changed the usual revenue streams profoundly and probably for good. Even the photo pros do not earn money selling images but by conducting classes, selling books and guiding trips.

"If you want to make a small fortune in diving, you have to start with a big one."

Next Deadline

These deadlines only applies to already accepted contributions and agreed assignments. New contributors: please wait for an editor to get back to you.

Issue 63 - Nov 2014

X-Ray Production:
63 - Nov 2014
Publication date:
20 Oct 2014
Editorial deadlines:
A - Main features:
15 Aug 2014
B - Regular columns
8 Sep 2014
C - Current news
10 Oct 2014
Advertising deadlines:
Reservation Deadline:
12 Sep 2014
Copy Deadline
17 Oct 2014
Publishing deadlines:
Publishing deadline:
17 Oct 2014
Posting Newsletter
21 Oct 2014
X-Ray Issue: 
63 - Nov 2014
Matters to consider: 
Last issue prior to DEMA (19-22. Nov) Las Vegas
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  Subject Author Status

Issue 64 - Dec 2014

X-Ray Production:
64 - Dec 2014
Publication date:
16 Dec 2014
Editorial deadlines:
A - Main features:
1 Oct 2014
B - Regular columns
14 Nov 2014
C - Current news
5 Dec 2014
Advertising deadlines:
Reservation Deadline:
22 Nov 2014
Copy Deadline
5 Dec 2014
Publishing deadlines:
Publishing deadline:
5 Dec 2014
Posting Newsletter
15 Dec 2014
X-Ray Issue: 
64 - Dec 2014
Matters to consider: 
Booking deadline for ads is set to the last day of DEMA
  Editor Finish     Editor Finish
WreckRap Millis 3. Feb   Shark Tales Ila 3. Feb
Travel News Scott 3. Feb   Whale Tales Kelly 3. Feb
New Equipment Roz 3. Feb   Turtle Tales Bonnie 3. Feb
Training       Books & Media Cat 3. Feb
Photo Gear Don     Science ad hoc  

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