Solmar V is a member of DivEncounters - a worldwide Alliance of like minded individuals who own & operate luxury live-aboard dive vessels in the world's most highly sought after dive destinations.
The Solmar V is a 112' luxury live-aboard dive vessel based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since 1992. We are the only luxury live-aboard dive vessel departing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-well within range of the most exciting diving in the Sea of Cortez and Soccoro Islands. During the weeks of our great white shark season at Guadalupe Island we depart from Ensenada, Mexico. The Solmar V travels with a crew of 10 and a maximum of 22 divers.
Kiss Sidekick

The KISS Sidekick is a streamlined, lightweight rebreather system that has been designed specifically for side-mount diving applications.

Aqua-Vu’s Micro Series is a complete underwater camera system no bigger than a smart phone. Yet it is an economical underwater viewing system...

Otter has announced that divers now the option of colour accents on their MK2 Britannic drysuit.

Renowned hard case manufacturer, Pelican, has launched a new product line called the ProGear Elite series.

The Green Force Heptastar 2000 DPM light head has seven LED’s generating 2,000 Lumens. This anodized aluminum light head is incredibly mean when...

X-Ray Mag #60 - May 2014

The nascence of recreational rebreathers was just waiting to happen. Spurred on by rapid advances in technical diving, new materials and technology, coupled with cost reductions, the allure of...

X-Ray Mag #58 - Jan 2014
How to... |  

Staying Alive: Application of Risk Management in Scuba Diving.

X-Ray Mag #36 - May 2010
Wetsuits |  

Today’s modern wetsuit embodies technology that benefits divers with an abundant choice of options to fit most any size and shape of diver, and any style of diving activities from mild tropical to...

X-Ray Mag #20 - Dec 2007
How to... |  

Do divers really need underwater lamps?

It is a simple question to which there is no simple answer, as it all depends... If you are mostly diving in Southeast Asia or the Caribbean where...

X-Ray Mag #15 - Feb 2007
How to... |  

After my very first pool session, I was hooked. Every thought I had circled around diving and dive equipment. I could not wait for my next session. The instructor was a God, and what he said must...

X-Ray Mag #13 - Oct 2006
How to... |  

All the questions about drysuits you always wanted to know the answer to but never dared to ask: Why dive drysuits? Neoprene or membrane type? Purchasing a suit. Zippers and care. Getting the...

X-Ray Mag #06 - Aug 2005
How to... |  

Rebreathers look cool, glitzy, technical and heralded as the future of diving, right? We read a lot about their impressive performances concerning duration of dives, gas economy, extended no deco...

X-Ray Mag #38 - Oct 2010
How to... |  

When trying to determine if a particular watch is suitable for diving, first of all, look for a water-resistance rating of at least 200 meters, or 20 atm. The apparent overkill on the depth...

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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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When it comes to purchasing your own private submarine, there is quite a choice. U-Boat Worx has just unveiled their latest contribution; the...

Sometimes you just fancy a simple day snorkelling or playing on the beach, and want an easy solution for carrying your kit, and keeping your...

Fourth Element has augmented their thermal underwear range with the launch of the J2 collection.

Automated airport and airline baggage systems to connect bag with passenger’s specific flight itinerary.

A top loading duffel sealed with a ZipDry waterproof closure.

Dr Neal Pollock, Dr Richard Vann, Dr Petar Denoble, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, RF3

The RF3 proceedings are now available, online and free to anyone to download!

Due to interruptions in oxygen cell supply this year, AP Diving has taken steps to secure a second supplier

Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit, X-Ray Mag, trilam drysuit, Rosemary E Lunn

I did wonder just how long it would take for drysuit manufacturers to start routing their front zips from top right shoulder to bottom left hip,...

Tek-Tite 200 LED Strobe, X-Ray Magazine, XRay, Rosemary E Lunn

Tek-Tite's 200 strobe now features a 7 Watt LED strobe module.

SeaLantern® StingRay™ Coral LED Fluorescent Torch, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn

Australian based SeaLantern has launched the StingRay Coral, a solid-state fluorescent torch.

Seac Masterdry, 7mm Semi-dry Suits, Rosemary Lunn, XRay, X-Ray Magazine

Seac's latest neoprene offering is called “the Masterdry”.

Omega 3, Oceanic, Regulator, Demand Valve, Rosemary Lunn, X-Ray, XRay Magazine

The Oceanic Omega Regulator is back!

Dive Rite Quick Release Mount, QRM, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn

We spotted Dive Rite's QRM at the 2014 Beneath The Sea dive show. This Quick Release Mount is rather clever and I am not surprised that there is a...

Fourth Element has launched a first for divers - a fabric detergent designed for technical sportswear.

Vobster Marine Services, Sentinel Rebreather, Martin Stanton, Kevin Gurr

Vobster Diving Limited (trading as Vobster Quay) is excited to announce that it has entered into a licence with VR Technology Holdings Limited (...

We first saw the Shearwater NERD (Near Eye Remote Display) during field trials at Divetech's Inner Space last year, and were pretty impressed.

TEKDiveUSA, Light Monkey 26 watt LED Lighting System, Deep Stops, Roz Lunn

Not bought your TEKDiveUSA.2014 ticket yet? This is the month to do so!

The Nomad LT Extreme is a low profile sidemount BCD with 35lbs of lift.

Sentinel CCR Rebreather, Vobster Quay, Rosemary E Lunn, X-Ray Magazine

Vobster Diving Limited has just issued the following press release.

Cressi Victory Scuba Dive Knife, X-Ray Magazine, Rosemary E Lunn, diving

Every diver ought to have at least one cutting device on their person whilst diving. There is a huge choice available, and this has just been...

This defect may cause the high pressure rubber hose to leak or rupture leading to loss of breathing gas

iDive Tech Computer, helium analyser, Bühlmann algorithm,

It might be hard to believe now, but we didn't always have helium analysers. I remember getting very excited when Dive Rite launched their helium...

IntelliSkin posture apparel is designed to provide support and stability to muscles and joints.

fourth element changing mat, Jim Standing, OWUSS Rolex Scholar, Chloé Maréchal

There are times when you cannot find 'that quite handy picnic table' to get changed on...and you really don't want your suit and clothing covered...

Light Monkey 26W LED Primary Lighting System, Rosemary E Lunn, X-Ray, XRay

Light Monkey's 26W LED Primary Lighting System took three years of Research and Development.

The market for dive logging software continues to grow. Now you can dive with an ‘iMax Dive Buddy’. Just clip the yellow device to your kit and go...

James Robertson looked like Ironman when he proudly held the cover of the SE7EN to his chest during last month’s DEMA Show, whilst Poseidon...

Many divers mourned the passing the Oceanic Omega *unhanded demand valve. Hollis have filled this gap with the launch of their high-performance...

Halcyon Contour SM, wing, sidemount harness, sidemount diving, Rosemary Lunn

Halcyon has just launched their sidemount offering; the Contour SM

Webbed gloves, disabled diving gloves, Darkfin gloves, Rosemary Lunn, XRay Mag

Many water users - kayakers, surfers, free divers, spear fishermen and disabled divers - have a need for 'webbed' gloves.

Project Pink Tank, Dawn Kernagis, Light Monkey Diving Helmet, Rosemary E Lunn

Light Monkey has augmented their diving helmet range with the launch of the 'Project Pink Tank' model.

Aqua Lung Shot FX Fins Details women scuba equipment Rosemary E Lunn

Aqua Lung state their Shot FX fins are an innovative design that helps provide a powerful, yet comfortable kick.

HOG Highly Optimized Gear Finger Spool Chris Richardson Rosemary E Lunn

'Highly Optimized Gear' or HOG manufacture a small, low-profile finger spool.