Brent Durand

The Moon, Tides & Your Dive Trip

January 17, 2018 - 17:59
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There are many factors to consider when planning your dive trip, including the marine life, travel logistics, seasonal weather, ocean conditions and distance between dive sites. This is a lot to think about, and likely the reason so many of us, especially photographers, forget to consider one of the ocean’s most important processes when planning a trip—the tides.

We all know that tides are primarily created by the moon’s gravity, raising and lowering the water level at the beach in daily fluctuations as the earth spins. The tides move in a pattern, making them predictable each day and in each season.

Southern California's Market Squid Run

December 29, 2017 - 13:03
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Most years, Southern California on the US west coast is the site of a special marine life aggregation, treating locals to one of the most unique dives in the world. Hundreds of thousands of market squid (Doryteuthis opalescens) swim into recreational dive depths to mate and lay an expansive canvas of egg baskets (collections of eggs) across the sandy substrate.

The squid run is hard to predict but usually occurs in December. Avid divers surveying the canyons will see indicators of a pending squid run: a lone squid or two during a night dive, solitary egg cases attached to the substrate here and there, and moon phase clues.

The Excitement of Sea Lion Dives

September 01, 2017 - 18:38
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Keep an eye out for these behavior cues to make sure you are in place for the best interactions on your next sea lion dive.

Diving with sea lions is the ocean equivalent to playing with a friendly dog at the park. The pinnipeds are full of energy… or lazily dozing off in the sun. They will bark, swim around in speedy arcs, play with toys, and even perform acrobatic moves that make you think it’s a private show.