Inspiration Classic Electronics End of Product Life

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Inspiration Classic Electronics End of Product Life

April 13, 2017 - 19:45

AP DIving, manufacturer of the Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather range, announces the electronics of the earlier make a.k.a. the 'Classic' will soon not be possible to repair due to rcomponents running out stock

Classic Inspiration handset in disrepair. Perhaps it is time to upgrade newer electronics

AP Diving writes:

For the last 11-12 years we have continued to offer full service and support with availability of all components for servicing Classic electronics but unfortunately some components are running very low and can no longer be replaced from stock.

We will of course continue servicing Classic lids but should a component need replacing that is no longer available then this may result in the need to upgrade.

The Vision electronics has always been the design replacement for the Classic, so in the event that Classic customers’ units require new electronics, a Vision upgrade will be offered in place of the Classic.

Best regards,

Nicola Finn
Inspiration Product Manager

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