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Spawning salmon.
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Juvenile <i>Perissodus microlepis</i> fish.
Young seal pup with mother.
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Schematic illustration showing how the body of water is trapped.
Coral reef.
The common clownfish is a common resident at the Great Barrier Reef.
An adult pair of Bryde's whales engaging in tread-water feeding.
Great white shark.
Coral reef in Hawaiian waters.
Giant clams may one day help to improve biofuel production.
Tabletop coral in Cook Islands.
Spinner dolphin in Red Sea.
Close-up of oyster bed.
Orcas are social by nature.
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That's a lot of salmon.
Oregon shore crab.
Alligator preying on a nurse shark.
Clam at Great Barrier Reef.
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Reef sharks patrolling the reef... together
The Wave Glider, with (from left) Scott Bainbridge (AIMS), Daniel Merritt (Liquid Robotics), Ricardo Puig (Liquid Robotics), Michael de La Chapelle (Boeing) and Shahmi Suhaimee (Liquid Robotics).
Atlantic menhaden.
A Vickers Wellington Mk.IA flying over England in June, 1943
A finned shark waits to die
Antarctic sea snail.
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The study found that the species most at-risk include the Eastern Australian salmon, yellowbar angelfish, toli shad, sohal surgeonfish and spotted grouper.
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