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19 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
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X-Ray Mag #57

Diving Okinawa in Japan; Exploring sinkholes in Madagascar; Diving the San Juan Islands of Washington State; Expedition to the Alexander Hamilton in Iceland; Are Rebreathers the Future of Diving; Expedition to Ressel Cave; Disabled diving in Russia's Star City; Interview with Tom Ingram; Nancy Tilles portfolio; Scuba Confidential with Simon Pridmore; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

92 spreads (double pages)

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Theme or Travel Section

Diving Okinawa in Japan with Farhat Jah; Exploring sinkholes in Madagascar with Pierre Constant

Section I

News: Ocean management -- more protection, less economic impact; Researchers find key to reef prosperity; Small flying drone maps 300-year-old reefs; Marine protected areas surpass size of Europe; Corals, the 'smell of the ocean', can make clouds in the sky; Scuba Diving Santas; WDHOF and OWUSS Rolex scuba scholarships; Stig Severinsen swims 250ft under 3ft of ice in speedo; British diver sets new world record. Wreck Rap: Expedition Alexander Hamilton by Ocean Reef, by Chris Haslam; Shipwreck site becomes Indiana's first underwater nature preserve; ROVs to search for fallen WWII airman; Underwater archaeologists to verify Ptolemy's account of ancient ports in south India. Travel News: Discount comes at a price; Soon portable electronics may remain on during take-off and landing; No more jetlag; T-Mobile to eliminate international data fees; Oneworld launches global booking app

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Section II

Diving Okinawa in Japan with Farhat Jah; Exploring sinkholes in Madagascar with Pierre Constant

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Section III

Equipment News: Waterproof 3D vest; Light Monkey helmet; Hollis DC7 500E first stage; AP CO2 sensor; Darkfin gloves; Review of Waterproof D9 Drysuit; AP Diving RB mouthpiece retainer headstrap; Halcyon Contour SM. Tech Talk: Are rebreathers the future of diving? by Michael Menduno. Washington State's San Juan Islands, by Barb Roy. Books and Media: Mid-Ocean Ridges, by Roger Searle; Octopus, by Katherine Harmon Courage; Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos 27, edited by Tin-Yam Chan et al; The Shark That Walks on Land, by Michael Bright; Fascination Coral Reef DVD, directed by Rene Schoepfer; Coral, by Marion Endt-Jones; Lost Beneath the Ice -- The Story of the HMS Investigator, by Andrew Cohen; Ecology of Australian Temperate Reefs, edited by S. Shepherd and G. Edgar; Review of Shamandura Generation, by Claudio Di Maneo.

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Section IV

Profile: Tom Ingram, An Interview With DEMA's Director, by Rosemary E Lunn. Scuba Confidential: Unselling the Product, by Simon Pridmore. New dates set for EuroTek2014; Marine Mammals: False killer whales team up with bottlenose dolphins to avert predators; Blue whale earwax reveals new secrets, study says. Tech Talk: Pushing the Ressel, by Erik Wouters. Turtle Tales: Puerto Rico reports record number of leatherback hatchlings; Thousands of sea turtles killed by longline fishery in Costa Rica. Shark Tales: James Abernethy -- Deep Trust In Sharks, by Ila France Porcher; Strange creature washes up on Spanish beach; Great white sharks fight and inflict wounds upon each other.

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Section V

Smart Start -- Preparing for your first photo dive, by Lars Stenholt Kirkegaard; Photo & Video News: Nauticam NA-70D housing; Sea & Sea RDX-100D housing; Sony A7 and A7R; The New Nikonos; Ikelite EOS 70D housing; Olympus OM-D 3-M1; Sealux Lumix GH3 housing; Nikon's D610. Star City -- Hydrospace without barriers, by Svetlana Murashkina; Portfolio: Nancy Tilles

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