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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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X-Ray Mag #55

X-Ray Magazine cover #55
Incredibly rich diving in Indonesia's Raja Ampat; D-Day wrecks of Normandy, France; Underwater wine in Costa Brava, Spain; Red Sea wrecks near Hurghada, Egypt; Uluburun wreck from 1300 BC, Turkey; Bailout Gas in Cave diving/CCR training; Fluoro diving and photography; Stretching for divers; Interview with conservationist Dr Mark Erdmann; What sharks are doing when no one is looking; Lauren Kussro portfolio; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

99 spreads (double pages)

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Theme or Travel Section

Steve Jones and Don Silcock give us two takes on the underwater treasures and incredibly rich diversity to be found in the mystical isles of Indonesia's Raja Ampat, plus an interview with conservationist Dr Mark Erdmann, by Steve Jones.

Section I

News: How coral islands form; Plants actively shape marsh landscapes to benefit themselves; Mariana Trench not so dead after all; Marine animals help disperse seagrass, new study says; How do oysters make pearls round; Breaching the final frontier; Chagos marine park ruled lawful; Century-old ship aids ocean and climate change research. Wreck Rap: D-Day Wrecks of Normandy, France, by Steve Jones; German WWII bomer raised from English Channel; Shipwreck in Sweden revealed to be 15th century Danish Royal Yatch; New underwater historic wreck trail being developed off southern coast of England; Panoramic shot of Charles Brown wreck marks tenth anniversary of Caribbean artifical reef; NOAA identifies 36 wrecks as possible oil pollution threats; Uluburon wreck: The oldest wreck in the world, Turkey, by Rico Besserdich. Training Bulletin: Hollis Gear and NAUI team up on new Prism rebreather training; DEMA and DAN offer diver awareness poster; New SSI/Poseidon professional program marks big change in recreational scuba diver training. Travel News: FCC to improve in-flight Wi-Fi; Airlines get shark friendly

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Section II

Indonesia's Raja Ampat: The Four Kings, by Steve Jones; Profile: Dr Mark Erdmann, by Steve Jones; Raja Ampat: Incredibly Rich Diving, by Don Silcock

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Section III

Equipment News: Aeris Jetpack BCD, Cressi Leonardo dive computer, AquaLung Ava gloves for women, Aqualite Eled video light, Waterproof W4 wetsuit, Finn light short, DUI BlueHeat heated garment, Scubapro dive computer; Red Sea Wrecks, Hurghada, Egypt, by Brandi Mueller; Underwater Vintage, Costa Brava, Spain, by Larry Cohen; Stretching for Divers, by Gretchen Ashton

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Section IV

Books & Media: Biology of reefs and reef organisms, by Walter Goldberg; England's shipwreck heritage from logboats to U-boats, by Serena Cant; Biology of sharks and rays, by A. Peter Kimley; The lost whale: The true story of an orca named Luna, by Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm; Listening to sea lions, by Sarah Keene Meltzoff; Stung: On jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean, by Lisa-ann Gershwin; Seaweeds: Edible, available and sustainable, by Ole G. Mouritsen; Deep Sea ID App, by the National History Museum. Marine Mammals: Humpback whales are able teach each other hunting techniques; Evolution of baleen whales and penguins possibly triggered by sea-ice ecosystem; "Morally unacceptable"— Captive dolphin shows banned in India; Navy dolphin uncovers 19th century torpedo. Turtle Tales: Sea turtle found that pooped plastic for a month; A conservation success story; Fishery rule could benefit marine turtles; Sea turtles benefiting from protected areas; Logs block leatherback turtles nesting in Gabon; Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles celebrates its 25th anniversary. Shark Tales: What are sharks doing when no one is looking—On the ethology of reef sharks, by Ila France Porcher; Pacific Great White Shark not endangered NOAA finds

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Section V

Tech Talk: Cave Diving and CCR Training—The issue of bailout gas, by Steve Lewis; Fluoro diving and photography, by Kevin Deacon; Photo & Video News: Nauticam GH3 housing, Nauticam Canon EOS-6D housing, Ikelite GH3 Smart Housing, Sea&Sea's MDX-6D housing, Ikelite housings for Nikon P330 and S9500, Aquatica AD600 housing; MyShot Photo Contest 2013; DivePhotoGuide/Wetpixel hold exhibit at United Nations. Portfolio: Lauren Kussro.

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