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X-Ray Mag #49

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X-Ray Mag #49

July 06, 2012 - 21:31
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Malpelo Island: Columbia's Pacific coast; Israel: Journey beyond the three seas; Hornby Island: British Columbia getaway; Hubert Chretien interview; No need to get narked, by Mark Powell; Squid orgy in Southern California; Falkland's South Georgia Island; Point-and-shoot underwater photography; Resande Man wreck; SS Dago wreck; Rebreather Forum 3 report; Rebreather training technology; Plus news and discoveries, equipment and training news, books and media, underwater photo and video equipment, turtle news, shark tales, whale tales and much more...

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Improving Rebreather Safety

July 18, 2012 - 23:38
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page 46

How can rebreather diving be made safer? That was the question at the core of the numerous presentations and discussions at Rebreather Forum 3 (RF3) held in Orlando, Florida, this May.

The last forum, Rebreather Forum 2.0, which I organized with rebreather builder Tracy Robinette, was held 16 years earlier in 1996, at a time when rebreathers were just being introduced to the sport diving market.

Point & Shoot

July 11, 2012 - 11:51
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page 83

When it comes to cameras, traditionally, gear is divided into compact point-and-shoot or single lens reflexes (SLR). Compact point-and-shoot cameras are simple devices that many people use just for snapshots. In order to keep the price low, the lenses are not as sharp as the ones designed for SLRs. Some compact cameras are compatible with add-on conversion lenses to expand their range.

When it comes to cameras, traditionally, gear is divided into compact point-and-shoot or single lens reflexes (SLR). By definition a SLR camera had a mirror and prism positioned inside the camera, so the photographer could look directly through the lens. This way, they could see the exact framing of the image. When the shutter opens, the mirror quickly moves out of the way, so the film or sensor could be exposed to light. SLRs are advanced cameras with manual exposure control and interchangeable lens systems.

South Georgia

September 18, 2012 - 13:59
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page 90

South Georgia is the most well-known of the Falkland Islands, also called Islas Malvinas. It lies nearly at the end of the world in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. To find this place on the map, draw an equilateral triangle with one vertex on Cape Horn and another on the Antarctic Peninsula. The third vertex in the east is our destination.

South Georgia has an interesting historical heritage. It is a whale sanctuary and a cemetery. On the island, one can find the grave of one of the most famous explorers in history, Sir Ernest Shackleton, an undisputed symbol of leadership and courage.

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