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X-Ray Mag #38

Lembeh Straits
Indonesia - North Sulawesi | Honduras - Utila Island | Sharks - Sandtigers | Amazon - Pink Dolphins | Ecology - Cephalopods | Portfolio - Caelum Mero

97 spreads

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Utila Island, Jewel of Honduras by Scott Bennett :: Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi
Muck diving & diversity, by Eric Hanuaer North Sulawesi by Don Silcock

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Section I

UK-led cave diving record in Spain :: Fishing skews sex ratio in fish :: Record Dives :: Three Sisters Springs Manatees protected :: Ocean Conveyor Belt model needs a rethink :: Annapolis Reef Project Put on Hold :: Kids Scuba Launched in Denmark :: Kids Scuba Launched in Denmark :: Planet Ocean is richer, more connected, more altered than expected. :: Wreck Rap - WWII Soviet Submarine located in the Black Sea :: Travel News :: How to sleep on airplanes

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Section II

Utila Island, Jewel of Honduras by Scott Bennett :: Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi
Muck diving & diversity, by Eric Hanuaer :: North Sulawesi by Don Silcock

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Section III

New Equipment :: Dive Watches - Time, Technology & Style :: Cephalopods - Jet-powered Masters of Disguise: Most cephalopods—the group in which scientists classify octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses—can change color faster than a chameleon. They can also change texture and body shape, and if those camouflage techniques don’t work, they can still “disappear” in a cloud of ink, which they use as a smoke-screen or decoy.

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Section IV

Tracking whales like birds in the Gulf :: Books and new Media :: Sharktales - Seize the Day, a Lesson from Mother Nature by Andy Murch :: Technical Diving Equipment by Mark Powell :: Turtle Tales

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Section V

Lawson Wood: Field Work (Photography) :: The Rio Negro’s Amazons. The Inia geoffrensis, more commonly known as the pink dolphin, is nicknamed locally as ‘Boto’ and resides in the waters of the Rio Negro.

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