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X-Ray Mag #26

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X-Ray Mag #26

October 13, 2011 - 21:47
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Did you know that reef fish are flourencent and that CO2 makes oceans noisier? Did you ever wonder how the jellyfish get its sting? Explorers find hundreds of undescribed species on Australian reefs. Want to know how to pick Ocean-Friendly Sushi? Steve Jones explores blue waters off three Caribbean islands while Barb Roy guides us below the emerald surface of British Columbia. Charles Stirling reviews Bangaram Island, India. GirlDiver, Cindy Ross, test-drives a designer DPV, the XScooter, and French painter and diver, Stephane Braud, shares his portfolio luminous blue underwater scenes.


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Main features in this issue include:

Deconstructing a 330m World Record Dive

October 13, 2011 - 23:32
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page 79

This is the moment I have waited for for years. I sit comfortably on the side of Denis Bignand’s dive boat and under my fins, which are already dangling in the water, I have a 400 meter drop off.

I look around. I see Porto Polo just a short distance down the coast. At my feet is a big buoy under which 350 meters of rope is suspended with a 50kg weight attached in the other end. It is waiting for me.

Night Photography

October 13, 2011 - 23:25
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page 84

Night diving is the ultimate for many divers. Underwater photography without light is challenging, but with a few additional pieces of camera equipment and special techniques you can master this as well.

All living creatures, and especially crustaceans, which leave their dwellings in the dark, are best captured with close-up or macro photography. Sleeping fishes can often be approached by inching closer and closer until you are just a few centimetres away. This gives you the opportunity to get close-up images of their eyes and fins, which, during daylight, are virtually impossible. Many UW-photographers ask me if flashing strobes will disturb a sleeping fish. Good news! It is scientifically proven that sleeping fish are not disturbed by strobes.

No Secret for Victoria!

October 13, 2011 - 23:36
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page 22

What does a fish exporter from Norway, a Chief Information Officer and diving instructor living in the Netherlands, a renowned lawyer based in Cyprus, a Project Manager working in Sweden, and an expat French Technical Diving Instructor have in common?

Spyrou and Verdier had been discussing diving the HMS Victoria since the summer of 2007. The impressive wreck is quite unusual in the sense that it stands up vertically rising up from 140m to 77m with her bow deeply embedded in the thick layer of sediment.

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