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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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X-RAY Mag #23

In X-RAY MAG issue #23, Mark Webster takes on a tour through the fascinating underwater world off Cornwall, England. We talk with Pascal Bernabé for insights into his achievements in deep diving. Science editor, Michael Symes, investigates locomotion of sea creatures, and we look at Hammerhead sharks and their unique head shape. Harald Apelt brings us to another pearl in the Mediterranean -- beautiful, historic Croatia. Kurt Amsler discusses proper workflow in digital photography. Rebreather pro, Cedric Verdier, gets us up to speed on physical fitness for divers and DIR for rebreather divers. Girldiver Cindy Ross discusses sunscreen and gives us the skinny on sunrays and skin cancer. We meet the Bubbling Reefs of Denmark, and a diverse portfolio of ocean art from artists around the world tops it all off. Plus the news -- on marine ecology, discoveries, ship wrecks, conservation, equipment, travel, divers, record breakers, books and films, turtles, sharks, whales, jellyfish and more...


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Theme or Travel Section

Discover the colorful underwater world off Cornwall, England

Section I

Contents, Editorial, News: Discoveries, ADEX Report, Wreck Rap, Diver education, DIRrebreather, Travel, SUDS and People in the news

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Section II

Cornish Reefs by Mark Webster, Interview with Pascal Bernabé, Equipment news

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Section III

Hammerhead sharks, Whale tales, Turtle tales, Workflow for digital photography by Kurt Amsler, Photo & video news

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Section IV

Locomotion by Michael Symes, Debugging the sunscreen factor by Cindy Ross, Jellyfish tales, Shark tales

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Section V

Pearls of the Mediterranean -- Croatia by Harald Apelt, Fitness for divers by Cedric Verdier, Books and media, Business directory, Bubbling Reefs of Denmark by Peter Symes, Ocean arts portfolio

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