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Turtles tracked in real time

UnderWater World in Queensland has launched its new satellite tracking system for rehabilitated turtles.
Credit:   UnderWater World
On May 22nd, rescued and rehabilitated turtles “Olive Oyl” and “Jamieson” were tagged with a tracking system so their location could be tracked
UnderWater World Aquarium, Queensland  |  New turtle tracking    |   05-29-2013
Two rehabilitated olive ridley sea turtles, ‘Jamieson’ and “Olive Oyl” , are the first turtles to be released and monitored in real-time by the attraction and turtle researchers.

Two days afters their release, Jamieson has travelled roughly 42.6 Kmand was tracked a few kilometres off Noosaville, while Olive Oyl has travelled 32.5 Km since his arrival and was tracked near Peican Waters .

The new tracking system enables the UnderWater World Team to track the turtles in real time – tracking the turtle’s location, depth and movement.

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Primary source ► New turtle tracking
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