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Stig Ã…vall Severinsen holds breath for 20 minute 10 seconds, sets record

Danish freediver Stig Ã…vall Severinsen held his breath for 20 minutes and 10 seconds, setting a new world record
Credit:   Via website
With his dive Stig Ã…vall Severinsen becomes the first human to pass the magic 20-minute barrier
Press release  |  New Guinness World Record – 20 minutes    |   12-14-2011
The dive which took place after many months of training and careful preparation. was completed for a new Guinness World Record at the Kattegat Aquarium at Grenaa, Denmark.

After inhaling pure oxygen for approximately 10 minutes, he started his dive in the big tropical shark tank in Kattegatcentret, Denmark. Grey reef sharks, nurse sharks and sand tiger sharks were his friendly companions for the long dive.

With his dive today, Stig Åvall Severinsen becomes the first human to pass the magic 20-minute barrier – a physical as well as mental feat and his way of pushing the limits for mankind, raising awareness on shark behaviour and exposing his new concept of breatheology.

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