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Maldives travel advisory

A number of governments have warned against unnecessary travel to the capital of Maldives, Male, after the country’s president resigned during a coup.
Credit:   Yann Saint-Yves
Male, the capital of Maldives
Both the British Foreign Office, the issued a travel advisory for the Maldivian capital Male, though there were no reports of violence targeting tourists.

There are political demonstrations in the capital Male, which have resulted in violent clashes between government and opposition supporters and later the police and defence forces. The situation remains uncertain.

—British Foreign Office advisory

The Maldives have been going through a period of political transition. From mid-January 2012 there have been political demonstrations in Malé. These escalated on 6 February resulting in violent clashes between government and opposition supporters and between the police and defence forces. The political situation is uncertain and further unrest is possible.

President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives resigned last Tuesday after weeks of public unrest. He was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying remaining in office would “only increase (the country’s) problems.”

The Journal quoted government officials as describing the situation as a coup by police officers and opposition demonstrators.

Malé International Airport remains open and is operating normally. There are no reports of unrest on the tourist resort islands. Some unrest has been reported on some of the non-resort islands.

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