Diving Guernsey? Be Insured!

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Diving Guernsey? Be Insured!

June 23, 2016 - 20:43
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The Government of the Island of Guernsey has confirmed they will charge divers for recompression treatments.

All divers intending to dive within Guernsey's 12 mile limit - both commercial divers and recreational - that subsequently require use of the local hyperbaric chamber, will be charged £30,000 per treatment by the . It should be noted that this fee does not include Accident and Emergency consultation charges (these are billed separately).

Previously the hyperbaric chamber had been operated by St John's Ambulance on a donation basis. It was used by both the diving community and local MS sufferers. However in April 2014 the St John's Ambulance HQ chamber was considered beyond economical repair / maintenance and it was closed.

In 2015 the Health Department rented a replacement chamber. They now intend to charge divers that require treatment to "balance the books".

Health & Social Care defended the amount. "Even charging £30,000 does not recover anything near the cost of this facility we are providing for the Bailiwick," a spokesman said.

Steve Bougourd of said that he was "gobsmacked". He said the charge had the potential of deterring divers coming to the island and may even put off people from diving.

This recompression charge may have unforseen consequences.

Bougourd stated "I'm just worried that this kind of cost will put people off of actually going to the [hospital] and notifying them if they suspect a problem. £30,000 a treatment is ridiculous money. In the UK it is provided on the NHS. We would like for it to fall under the cost of our [Social Security] stamp."

Mr Bougourd said it would be far better for the treatment cost to be covered by the States, as was the case elsewhere. If you look at someone sand racing, if they injure themselves, they get to use the scanner for free."

Commercial Divers Notice

All commercial divers intending to dive within Guernsey's 12 mile limit, are required to notify Health and Social Care of their intention to dive in Guernsey waters.

Please email Mikael Appelqvist with intended dive dates, location, depth / duration of the dive(s).

You should include an address and contact information where invoices should be sent to.

The current rate charged for the hyperbaric chamber service is £150.00 per day. Invoices will be issued by Health and Social Care on a monthly basis and are payable to States of Guernsey.

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