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Rob Rondeau

Protecting Shipwrecks Proactively

article |  
I was recently chatting online with a colleague from Mexico. We were both lamenting the fact that marine archaeology isn’t a high priority for our respective nations. So, why is that?

Shipwreck CSI

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Marine archaeology is a specialized science that combines techniques developed by land-based archaeologists, geologists and forensic specialists (to name a few).
30 - Jul 2009 | Shipwreck CSI

Shipwreck Appreciation & Conservation

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Many divers already know that you shouldn’t remove artifacts from a shipwreck. In addition to being illegal in most parts, doing so can also be dangerous.

Who Owns a Shipwreck?

X-Ray Magazine article |  
New technology now allows for the exploration of deep-water wrecks previously not accessible. But, who really owns a shipwreck?
01 - Oct 2004 | Who owns a shipwreck?

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