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Green turtle revived in hyperbaric chamber

Flounder, a juvenile green turtle, receives hyperbaric therapy at the Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center
Article with embedded video |  
A green turtle with a infected flipper did not respond well to antibiotics and was treated in a hyperbaric chamber

Green turtles making a strong comeback in Florida

Article citing other sources |  
In 1979 there were only 62 nests in the state, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This year, there were 35,000.

Green turtles ingesting more man-made debris than ever

article |  
Australian study reveals marked increase in plastic consumption

Turtles tracked in real time

Article citing other sources |  
UnderWater World in Queensland has launched its new satellite tracking system for rehabilitated turtles.

‘Heat-proof’ eggs help marine turtles cope with hot beaches

Article citing other sources |  
Research led by the University of Exeter shows that some turtles are naturally heat-tolerant.

Loggerhead Gets Artificial Flippers

Article citing other sources |  

Tanya Streeter speaks out against Cayman Turtle Farm

Article citing other sources |  
Tanya Streeter, world champion freediver and once holder of the overall "no limits" freediving record has has joined the campaign to end the farming of endangered sea turtles in Cayman islands

Glimmer of hope for Greece’s loggerhead turtles

article |  
New turtle rescue centre ready for action

Jurassic turtle massgrave found in China

Article citing other sources |  
1,800 fossilised turtle skeletons from the Jurassic China swept into a mass grave millions of years ago.

Climate change threaten baby leatherbacks

article |  
Drexel University researchers have found that the climate conditions at the nesting beach affect the early survival of turtle eggs and hatchlings.

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