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Divers of the Dark

Books & Media |  Divers of the Dark is an exciting, fascinating introduction to cave diving. Its photographs give a rare insight into an underwater world. The book is suitable for everybody who is interested in adventure and diving

Rebreathers USA announces the availability of JJ-CCR in the US

Press releases |  
Rebreathers USA is proud to announce the commencement of operations and availability of the JJ-CCR in the United States.

Important News for Sentinel Rebreather Owners

Vobster Marine Services, Sentinel Rebreather, Martin Stanton, Kevin Gurr
Article citing other sources |  
Vobster Diving Limited (trading as Vobster Quay) is excited to announce that it has entered into a licence with VR Technology Holdings Limited (VRTH) to support, service, manufacture and supply Sentinel closed circuit rebreathers to the recreational diving market.

Exciting News For Sentinel CCR Owners

Sentinel CCR Rebreather, Vobster Quay, Rosemary E Lunn, X-Ray Magazine
article |  
Vobster Diving Limited has just issued the following press release.

A typical day in Jill Heinerth's life

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Juergensen Marine appoints new global distributor; SubGravity

Juergensen Marine, SubGravity, Kevin Juergensen, Randy Thornton, Hammerhead ccr
article |  
Juergensen Marine, Inc. – a leading supplier of advanced expedition-grade rebreathers – is proud to announce an exclusive distribution deal with Utah based SubGravity.

Are Rebreathers the Future of Diving?

X-Ray Magazine article |  
A rebreather dive begins before you enter the water. You strap on the machine, put on your mask, or pinch your nose, and “pre-breathe” the unit for five minutes while monitoring the sensors and heads-up display (HUD) for any signs of trouble. It’s usually one of the last checklist items to complete before commencing the dive depending on the rebreather.

Opening Up Closed Circuit

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Is the sport rebreather dream a reality this time around?

Poseidon MKVI 60M Upgrade

Article citing other sources |  
Poseidon has annouced an upgrade to their MKVI rebreather allowing divers to go to 60m ( 200 ft)

Recent fatalities linked to use of out of date oxygen cells

Article citing other sources |  
This is a message from Martin Parker at Ambient Pressure Diving concerning the extended use of O2 cells past their recommended 18 month ‘change by’ date. It was also the subject of a discussing of the recent OzTek.

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