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New study reveals Narwhal tusks are highly sensitive

article |  
Tusk revealed to be sensitive to temperature and chemical differences in external environment

Population of Blue whales discovered off New Zealand

Article citing other sources |  
Nearly 50 blue whales have been observed regularly feeding in the sea between the top of the South Island and lower Taranaki.

New whale species discovered

Article citing other sources |  
With the re-discovery of Mesoplodon hotaula, there are now 22 recognised species of beaked whales.

Release of Icelandic whale meat beer sparks outrage

article |  
Conservationists condemn beer as immoral

Stranded pilot whales euthanized on New Zealand beach

article |  
Wild seas and strong winds made rescue attempt impossible

Pipeline approval threatens BC humpbacks

article |  
Oil tankers and humpbacks on potential collision course

Humpback whales in the North Pacific consist of five distinct populations

Article citing other sources |  
A comprehensive genetic study of humpback whale populations in the North Pacific Ocean has identified five distinct populations.

Some humpbacks stay over winter in Antarctica

Article citing other sources |  
Not all of the Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate towards the equator at the end of the Antarctic summer

Singing bowhead whales baffle scientists

article |  
Some 66 different tunes recorded despite low population

Disturbing increase in St. Lawrence beluga deaths

article |  
Researchers concerned by increase in beluga calf mortality

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