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Secrets of the Baltic: Discovery of three submarines

videoclips |  

Swedes find another Soviet WW2 submarine in the Baltic

Article with video |  
Swedish Navy locates Soviet submarine S-6 which went missing in action in 1941 in the Baltic, southeast of Öland.

Silver treasure found at Swedish shipwreck

Article with video |  
Divers have recovered a number of 16th century silver coins from the wreckage of the legendary Swedish warship Mars, which was discovered last year off the coast of the Baltic sea island of Öland

Divers investigate the mystery object on the bottom of the Baltic

Video (in Swedish) from the dive on the mysterious object on the bottom of the Baltic.
Article with embedded video |  
Swedish daily Expressen publishes first video from the mysterious object on the bottom of the Baltic which was first discovered a year ago.

Oceana concludes second Baltic Sea Expedition

Press releases |  
After seven weeks at sea, Oceana’s second Baltic Sea Expedition to document ecologically important areas and analyse their threats, has come to a close.

Wreck of German WWII plane in Baltic Sea turns out to be a JU88

Article citing other sources |  
In the the past week German military divers have been recovering a rare World War II aircraft in the Baltic

Beer from 1840's shipwreck anyone?

Article citing other sources |  
Researchers from Finland have found a bottle of beer from a shipwreck in the 1840s. The chemical analysis of the beer would allow them with the help of the master brewer to re-create a beer that tastes much the same.

Cod has a key role in the whole Baltic Sea

article |  
A new investigation proves the key role of cod as regulator of the whole Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Gray seals consume as many fish as the fishing industry

Article citing other sources |  
The grey seals in the Baltic eat about the same quantities of cod, common whitefish, salmon, sea trout and eel as those taken by fishermen, Swedish researchers find.

Wreck laden with precious cognac located in the Baltic

Article citing other sources |  
The 220-tonne Swedish steamship Kyros which was carrying hundreds of bottles of cognac and liqueurs when it was torpedoed by a German u-boat on May 19, 1917 has been located by Finnish divers

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