US East Coast

A crew of deep water divers found the ship using side scan sonar in June of 2013

Civil War-era paddlesteamer located in lake Huron

Jim Kennard and partners have located the shipwreck of the Roberval, 128-foot Canadian steamer that sank nearly a century ago in lake Ontario

Wreckhunters find Canadian Steamer which sank in 1916

The 424-foot SS Scotiadoc which sank after colliding with another freighter in June 1953 has been found at a depth of 850 feet.

Deepest shipwreck ever found in the Great Lakes
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SeaLife Cameras Dragon Lighting
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Not sure how long this offer is valid for - but worth checking out. Best Publishing Company publish NOAA's Diving... http://t.co/GJipx2pYq7
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It would seem the TEKDiveUSA website decided it wanted an Easter Holiday. The website is now back from its rest.... http://t.co/IwsB3NcEqx
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@TEKDiveUSA.2014 Talk - 'Myths and Misconceptions of Thermal Stress and Physiology' http://t.co/Kul7nATD4d
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Voting is now open for the TEKDiveUSA.2014 Photography Competition. Why not browse through all the great pictures... http://t.co/7sjWJ3nJDP
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Vote now for the 2014 TEKDiveUSA Awards. Do you think that Dr Richard Vann is worthy of winning the 'Lifetime... http://t.co/g5H0UoAcHG
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It is with infinite regret that we post this news. Emmy Award winning underwater cinematographer Peter Scoones... http://t.co/DaExa9uzNF