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Mares / Head swim / SSI are currently recruiting for a temporary Area Account Manager in the United Kingdom.

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It has been announced by TDI SDI that from 21st July 2014, Sea & Sea Limited will become the UK and Ireland regional office.

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Once upon a time there was a land... Doggerland—a huge area of dry land that once stretched from Scotland to Denmark—was slowly submerged by water between...

The Drowned Lands of Doggerland
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Food for thought for Friday;
Key account manager & rep
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Birmingham, England
20 Sep 2014 - 21 Sep 2014
SeaLife Cameras Dragon Lighting
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Clever #diving advertising at it's very best! We love this Dive Rite image. And if you want to meet the men...
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#FF Thanks for following @AussieReefDive - Have a great weekend Folks!
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Is it the ultimate #underwear? You decide. Fourth Element, Suunto Diving UK and Apeks are all at Stoney Cove this...
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You ever had a #GreatEscape when #diving? Simon Rogerson, Editor of #SCUBA Magazine is compiling a feature on how...
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Attended Divetech's Inner Space and wondered where all the blood samples went? They went to Dr Stephen Thom for...