Whales assemble in California’s busy shipping lanes, increasing potential collisions

Over 13,500 silver and gold coins as well as gold ingots, Dust, Nuggets and jewelry From SS Central America shipwreck.

Man-made structures may act like artificial reefs sheltering potential prey

Last year’s record numbers expected to be repeated

Great white shark numbers soaring due to successful conservation efforts.

Warming water temperatures attracting sharks in increasing numbers

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X-Ray Mag #61 - Jul 2014
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People |  

I don’t think a week ever went by where I didn’t hear Ron tell someone at his Bellingham dive store, “My motto in...

Over 13,500 silver and gold coins as well as gold ingots, Dust, Nuggets and jewelry From SS Central America...

When exercising the legs to keep them strong for scuba diving, it is important to develop muscle strength, endurance...

Gentoo penguin numbers actually increasing

Jellyfish |  

Last year’s record numbers expected to be repeated

Whales |  

Whales assemble in California’s busy shipping lanes, increasing potential collisions

Turtles |  

Experiences as little hatchlings adrift in ocean currents have a huge influence on how turtles migrate

Mares, Head swim, SSI, Rosemary E Lunn, XRay Mag, work in scuba diving
SSI |  

Mares / Head swim / SSI are currently recruiting for a temporary Area Account Manager in the United Kingdom.


It has been announced by TDI SDI that from 21st July 2014, Sea & Sea Limited will become the UK and Ireland regional office.

Checklists aren’t just about diving equipment, but also about the aim of the div
Theory |  

At the Rebreather Forum 3 conference held in Florida in May 2012, a number of presentations were made which advocated the use of checklists as a means to prevent diving incidents from occurring, or at least reducing the likelihood of occurrence...

— Four Pioneering Wreck Divers

Girl Diver |  

Hollywood blockbuster Mission Impossible III shows Ving Rhames diving beneath the Vatican on an XScooter DPV to save Tom Cruise from the prison below. Now, GirlDiver takes a look at the XScooter...

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The ultimate Tiger Shark encounter! 6–7 foot Lemon Sharks mingling with 10-14 foot Tiger Sharks. Occasionally even a Great Hammerhead joins the fun!

Join Xray-Mag on a trip of a lifetime to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.

SeaLife Cameras Dragon Lighting

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The underwater3some group (uw3some) began their partnership with the China Underwater Association (CUA) in 2012. The China Underwater Association (CUA) is the only government-­‐run scuba diving...

Dr Neal Pollock, Dr Richard Vann, Dr Petar Denoble, Rosemary Lunn, Roz Lunn, RF3

The RF3 proceedings are now available, online and free to anyone to download!

Nauticam GH4 Housing
Equipment |  

Nauticam has announced the release of their housing for the new and highly regarded Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 camera.

Sperm whale
Locations |  

Once upon a time there was a land... Doggerland—a huge area of dry land that once stretched from Scotland to Denmark—was slowly submerged by water between 18,000 BC and 5,500 BC. Today it is a shallow bank and productive fishing ground in the middle of the North Sea.

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At the almost venerable age of 73, Wolfgang Leander is one of the great pioneers of freediving with sharks, whose writing and photography have made him a legend.

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