Chronic stress can lead to depression and anxiety in fish, German scientists discover.


Strong links between the corals reefs of the south China sea, West Pacific and Coral Triangle hold the key to preserving fish and marine resources in the Asia-Pacific.

Monitoring wind conditions could provide advanced warning of the presence of Irukajdji jellyfish.

The KISS Sidekick is a streamlined, lightweight rebreather system that has been designed...

Otter has announced that divers now the option of colour accents on their MK2 Britannic drysuit...

Renowned hard case manufacturer, Pelican, has launched a new product line called the ProGear...

The Green Force Heptastar 2000 DPM light head has seven LED’s generating 2,000 Lumens. This...

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X-Ray Mag #62 - Sep 2014
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Crystal Blue Resort, Anilao, Philippines

As Evelyn Bartram Dudas’s Nikonos III made its way toward the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean one day not too long ago...

The battleship España has a very important place in the history of the Basque Country of northern Spain and is now a...

When exercising the legs to keep them strong for scuba diving, it is important to develop muscle strength, endurance...

Subglacial lake 800 meters beneath Antarctic ice sheet holds viable microbial ecosystems

Behaviour |  

Chronic stress can lead to depression and anxiety in fish, German scientists discover.

Whales |  

The endangered blue whale population has been slow to recover since they were protected in the 1960's. Scientists...

Turtles |  

Young loggerhead turtles swim into oncoming ocean currents rather than drifting along

Mares, Head swim, SSI, Rosemary E Lunn, XRay Mag, work in scuba diving
SSI |  

Mares / Head swim / SSI are currently recruiting for a temporary Area Account Manager in the United Kingdom.


It has been announced by TDI SDI that from 21st July 2014, Sea & Sea Limited will become the UK and Ireland regional office.

Theory |  

A diver had an oxygen toxicity seizure because an incorrect gas was filled in a cylinder by a dive centre. A baby died because the wrong dose of medication was injected. Who is to blame for the error and how do we try to make sure that these...

As Evelyn Bartram Dudas’s Nikonos III made its way toward the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean one day not too long ago, she did the only thing that made sense to her at the time. She dove after it, retrieving the camera just before it was lost...

Girl Diver |  

Hollywood blockbuster Mission Impossible III shows Ving Rhames diving beneath the Vatican on an XScooter DPV to save Tom Cruise from the prison below. Now, GirlDiver takes a look at the XScooter...

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The ultimate Tiger Shark encounter! 6–7 foot Lemon Sharks mingling with 10-14 foot Tiger Sharks. Occasionally even a Great Hammerhead joins the fun!

Join Xray-Mag on a trip of a lifetime to Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia.

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Lars Brinkmann from German Unterwasser speaks to Pilo about the current situation in Israel.

With speakers drawn from around the world and topics and talks that span the complete range of diving interests, from mysterious wrecks and magnificent underwater cave systems through to the...

Nauticam GH4 Housing
Equipment |  

Nauticam has announced the release of their housing for the new and highly regarded Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 camera.

Sperm whale

There is a line of thought in the scientific community that this is where it all began and the first corals originated… a large sheltered bay, roughly one third along the north coast of the island now called New Britain.

Pascal Lecocq, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, XRay Mag, Rosemary E Lunn

A truly apt image for today from one of our favourite painters; Pascal Lecocq

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British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created unique underwater sculptures and installations in locations all over the world. We first interviewed him in 2007 when he finished a photo-documentary of one of his earliest works in Grenada.

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