Solmar V is a member of DivEncounters - a worldwide Alliance of like minded individuals who own & operate luxury live-aboard dive vessels in the world's most highly sought after dive destinations.
The Solmar V is a 112' luxury live-aboard dive vessel based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since 1992. We are the only luxury live-aboard dive vessel departing from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-well within range of the most exciting diving in the Sea of Cortez and Soccoro Islands. During the weeks of our great white shark season at Guadalupe Island we depart from Ensenada, Mexico. The Solmar V travels with a crew of 10 and a maximum of 22 divers.
Marine Mammals

Both Norway and Canada insist seal-hunting methods are humane

Nearly 50 blue whales have been observed regularly feeding in the sea between the top of the South Island and lower Taranaki.

With the re-discovery of Mesoplodon hotaula, there are now 22 recognised species of beaked whales.

It is the first time in a nearly 100 years a new species of river dolphin has been discovered in the Araguaia River basin of Brazil

  • X-Ray Mag #54 - May 2013

    The Farne Islands are a small group of some 33 rocks and islets (depending on the state of the tide which has a rise and fall of over 6m or 20ft) located off the north Northumberland coast of England. At full tide, only 23 larger rocks and islands are visible, but all of those are eye catching. The entire group are a National Trust protected area and have numerous wildlife preserves, notably for their seabirds and seals.

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Conservationists condemn beer as immoral

Wild seas and strong winds made rescue attempt impossible

Oil tankers and humpbacks on potential collision course

Dolphins in the area of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the coast of Louisiana are suffering from lung diseases, abnormalities, and low birth rates.

A comprehensive genetic study of humpback whale populations in the North Pacific Ocean has identified five distinct populations.

Not all of the Southern Hemisphere humpback whales migrate towards the equator at the end of the Antarctic summer

Some 66 different tunes recorded despite low population

Researchers concerned by increase in beluga calf mortality

Fish vendor discovered selling meat at roadside market

NOAA Fisheries denies application to import 18 whales for public display

Dolphins can recognize their old tank mates' whistles after being separated for more than 20 years — the longest social memory ever recorded for a non-human species.

The names are composed of whistles. Wild bottlenose dolphins respond to hearing a copy of their own signature whistle by calling back.

Mitochondrial DNA sequencing support the theory the rare type D orca, which is only found around Antarctica, might be a distinct species

Noise from navy sonars may cause whales to alter diving behaviour or temporarily avoid important feeding areas.

Designed to attract cruise line tourists, development called "unregulated development," by opponents

The H1N1 virus has been detected in free-ranging northern elephant seals off the central California coast a year after the human pandemic began.

A gray whale has been spotted off the coast of Namibia.

Humpback whales are able teach each other hunting techniques.

Endangered dolphins discovered off Palawan coast

Isolated population of 1,500 sperm whales living in the Northern Gulf may be different enough to qualify for special protections.

Results of a study published in the Royal Society journal, Biology Letters, revealed blue whales execute extraordinary spins beneath the waves to access large patches of krill. They discovered the...

Research charity Sea Watch. said groups of sperm whales had been seen off Scotland in the summer, but it was unusual for them to be spotted at this time of year.

Fossils uncovered in Southern California have revealed four previously unknown species of ancient whales, one of which may have eaten sharks.

Marine biologists in Europe are worried that the UK's only known resident population of killer whales is at risk of becoming extinct.